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Mahalo!  Thank You!  Arigato!  Merci!  Gracias! for your tremendous support for our Aloha Quilts Donation Drive.
Your response has been overwhelming!!  As kindred spirits, I know how much time, effort, expense & especially the TLC that goes into making quilts. These handmade quilts are special and were made with loving hands. Your donated quilts will be distributed wisely to those affected by this horrible fire. 
These quilts will give them comfort and help them heal as they try to overcome this tragedy. 
Thank you for caring about Maui!
With Love and Aloha,

What sizes are needed?
At this time, we are accepting all new finished quilts, preferably, 50"x 60" or larger.  
Lahainaluna High School colors: Red and White, touch of Black

What type of fabric should I use?
Cotton would be best because of our warm, tropical climate.

What type of batting should I use?
Due to our tropical climate, a lightweight batting and/or cotton batting will be okay. Or, kihei pili quilts will be okay too. (quilts with no batting, minimal quilting or tied)

Where do we send them to?

Maui Quilt Shop
18 Central Ave.
Wailuku, Maui

Please enclose your name, address, email and size of quilt.  Also, if you wish to enclose a note to the recipient, you may do so.

Any other questions, please email: